Mathieson on Making Your Money Matter for Life Fall 2015Traditionally, once January rolls around, most of us are carrying debts from holiday spending. We
stress out in January to pay  off our December bills, then we are bombarded with commercials, emails
and in some cases, calls telling us it is RRSP time and the deadline is fast approaching.

So why wait till the New Year to make your contribution?

Even better yet, ask me how $100 can open an RRSP account and how we can arrange a contribution
plan to fit your personal finances. You will not miss a small monthly investment if it is done

Together we can make a plan to avoid the scrambling you do, in order to get that big RRSP deadline at the end of February. SHORT TERM PLANS for LONG TERM GOALS.

When working with clients like YOU, I have found that working in conjunction with your mortgage on
a three to five year time frame, is a very good place to start.

Educating you to understand “WHY” is of great importance to me. We work together to create a plan
tailored to your specific goals so you feel good about the direction in which your finances are going.

The first time we meet, we will review four key areas of your finances; Mortgage/Rent,
Investments, Insurance and Income.

In discussing these four areas it will become clear what direction you want your finances to take
no matter what stage of life you are in.

For example, such goals could be saving a down payment for your first home, a destination wedding,
providing for your child or grandchild’s education, making plans for your retirement, or estate planning.
Ultimately, it is all about YOUR priorities.

Let me be your Financial Compass and together we will reach your chosen destination.