by Neil Mathieson, CPA, FICB

Neil MathiesonUnfortunately, life altering motor vehicle accidents happen everyday.

Recently, I was introduced to a new program from La Capitale – the Safe Driver Plan. This plan provides you and your family with the financial security you deserve, should you ever be involved in a car accident.

Should you be seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident, the Safe Driver Plan will pay you or your beneficiary a cash amount.

According to Transport Canada, more people have died on Canada’s roads in the last 50 years than the total number of Canadians killed in the two world wars. For everyone killed, injured or disabled by a road traffic crash, there are countless others deeply affected.

Many families are driven into poverty by the cost of prolonged medical care, the loss of a family breadwinner or the extra funds needed to care for people with disabilities.

Traffic collisions are a leading cause of premature death and long term disability for young drivers.

The main question you and your loved ones should ask yourself is this;

Will I be able to pay my bills if I am hurt and unable to work due to a motor vehicle accident?

Yes, your coverage begins right away, and will be paid to you over and beyond any other insurance you may already have.

La Capitale provides 24 hour a day protection, every day of the year. You will also receive on or off the job coverage, anywhere in North America. There is no limitation for soft tissue injuries, including whiplash. Simplified underwriting means no medical exam is required.

Why do I need this additional coverage when I already have car insurance?
What is not commonly known is that frequently car insurance companies will take many months or even years, to settle a claim. A complete investigation of the accident and the claim, is done in depth, and until a claim is settled, no funds are forthcoming.

Even if your car insurance company finally does come through with the funds, it may be too late, since by then you may have undergone extreme financial hardship.

La Capitale’s Safe Drive income protection insurance program does deserve your consideration, since it is suitable for everyone in all stages of life, from age 16 to 85, if you are no longer driving for a living, or even if you are a passenger and not the driver.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information concerning this exciting new insurance program.

Neil Mathieson