The vital members of Our Team:

Neil Mathieson, CGA, FICB.

Neil has been dedicated to helping people make sense of their taxes for many years.

I have worked with Neil for many years. Together we have provided a well balanced approach to successful investing,tax planning, and estate planning.

Visit our joint website for an in-depth view of what services we provide.

Neil Silvert.

Neil Mathieson and I have worked with Neil Silvert for quite some time. Neil Silvert has helped our clients gain access to alternative investments to the risky stock market, and the low interest returns from the banks.

Through Neil S., we have introduced our clients to the benefits of Syndicate Mortgages.

To learn more about Neil and his unique services, please visit:

Charlotte Graham, Vine Group, team member of Mortgage Alliance. 

She helps her clients save for their future, whether it be for college, to buy a house, or to plan for retirement. She also has a system in place which allows clients to retain their dignity in the case of an accident, and to provide for their families if they suffer a critical illness or premature death.

Her passion is to make others aware of their financial health and to provide the tools necessary for her clients to Grow, Protect, and Save their money. One of these key tools is the GPS, a comprehensive financial and investment review program which is designed to analyze your assets and liability circumstances to help keep you focused on your financial goals and dreams. She also offer Estate Planning advice and peace of mind. She joined Neil Mathieson and Margaret Janecki in the fall of 2014, and enjoys working with them to help ensure a brighter future for you.

If you are interested in receiving more information on how she can be of assistance, visit her website at

We are licensed and contracted to represent ALL Life Insurance Companies operating in Ontario: