by Neil Mathieson, CPA, FICB

Market_EmotionsCurrently, we are in a very strong bull market, and now is definitely not the time to invest your hard earned dollars into the stock market.

One of the side effects of investing in the stock market is the cycle of emotions that correspond directly to the performance of the stock. You have to ask yourself, if every day, you want to have your happiness and your emotions correspond to the performance of your stock portfolio.

Fortunately there are great investment opportunities that will help you preserve your capital, while earning an excellent rate of return.
I have often discussed the benefits of investing in syndicated mortgage secured investments. Recently, Real Wealth Group successfully closed the investment opportunities for Aurora Mills Town Centre, which provided an 8% annual return on investments.

Their exciting new project is going to be located at 625 Sheppard, Bayview Village and is the investment opportunity you have been waiting for! They are developing a boutique condominium in the mature and affluent Bayview Village.

This is an opportunity for superior returns by unlocking value through redevelopment. 625 Sheppard will enhance the neighbourhood with its outstanding design while respecting the area’s roots in architectural excellence.

For many years, the Bayview Village neighbourhood has remained a highly sought after location for real estate investment.
Recently, Bayview Village Mall, the largest Canadian property sale of 2013, boasted a $500,000,000 price tag. The proximity to subway transit, retail convenience, coupled with major highway infrastructure will further increase your investment’s growth potential.

Real Wealth Group is offering an 8% return on investment on a 48 month term, with a minimum investment required of only $25,000.00.
This investment alternative is highly suitable for your RRSP, RESP, RRIF, TFSA or margin account and provides an excellent, stable investment medium compared to the volatile stock market.
Investing in syndicate mortgages allows you to have direct collateral for your investment and ongoing returns from the interest earned by the mortgage.
If you are among my many clients who invested in the Aurora Mills Town Centre project, and are interested in learning more about this latest opportunity from Real Wealth Group, do not hesitate to contact either myself, or my colleague, Margaret Janecki.

Neil Mathieson