A few days ago, I read an article about Calgary area widow, Seema Minhas-Randhawa, whose husband, Harpreet, did not have life insurance. Suffering from physical ailments herself, she is unable to work full time. The financial stress she and her young daughter are going through is simply tragic, and could have been prevented.

She is now encouraging people to do what she and her husband neglected to do; get life insurance.

“We always said next week, next month we will get it done,” Minhas-Randhawa said.

“Don’t wait. You just never know. We were so focused on me because I had the health issues but we never would have thought in a million years that Harpreet could be gone because he is the healthy one. But he is gone now. This could happen to anybody.”

If you don’t have life insurance, don’t put if off this important aspect of financial planning for your family’s future! Call me today… I can help.

To read the full story about Seema, follow this link:


Are your loved ones protected, should you pass away unexpectedly?
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