Insurance – We can provide many solutions.
There are many types of Insurance products. Some may be purchased through an advisor, work or bank. Work and bank insurance have limitations with their coverage and as an independent advisor. I will address the advantages to purchasing through us.

We offer a wide range of coverages from Life and Mortgage Insurance to Critical and Disability Insurance.
To go over their values would take a number of seminars, suffice to say by having life insurance in place you have the opportunity to provide tax protection on your investments; the coverage by-passes probate and the beneficiary has the choice as to how to use the funds e.g. payout the mortgage, repair the home, provide for their retirement etc.
In addition, permanent insurance can be used as an effective tax-free savings vehicle and provide potential future income. In addition life insurance for people who have been found terminally ill and with less than an year or two to live, may apply to receive funding, according to their policy, to be used as they see fit. There are no restrictions upon its use whether it’s for travel family vacation or to fly to another country for a second doctor’s opinion or treatment.
Important to note, we do offer a Non-medical Life Insurance plan which is very affordable. In today’s day and age, there is no need to have funds to be raised to cover funeral expenses.
There is a huge need for advice on how to effectively use various kinds of financial assets, including equities, fixed-income, insurance products and pensions to create a cohesive retirement plan. Call me, I can help.

Insurance – We can provide many solutions.