Financial Plan – Do you have one and if not why not?

We can help you set one up. They are to be reviewed annually and whenever you have life changing events such as changes in employment or becoming self-employed, purchasing a home, marriage/divorce, having a baby or raising grandchildren, and death of a family member.

Financial planning includes:

  1. Building, saving, growing and protecting your hard earned money.
    This can be accomplished by diversifying investments through asset allocation, use of alternative investments, insurance products and pensions. In the past GICs were the staple for seniors’ income but with today’s historically low interest rates our capital is quickly eroded by taxes and inflation thus diminishing our capital’s purchasing power.
  2. Canadians should be investing in products that will provide higher returns in their Tax Free Savings rather than hold guaranteed income certificates.
    b. Market Volatility is the nature of the beast.
    Each year there is a new crisis claiming economic disaster whether it is Greece, China or the U.S. The important note is we do recover and the problems will be solved.
    Equities purchased, in accordance with your time line and risk level, are an important component of a balanced portfolio to provide diversification, growth and income to survive longer retirement years. Segregated funds have certain death guarantees and by naming beneficiaries, even in non-registered accounts, can by-pass probate.

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Financial Plan – Do you have One?